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Important Information:
Date Posted: Aug. 22, 2017
Date/Duration: September 23, 2017
Location: Local
Expiration of Application: September 8, 2017

National Aviation Congress

DLSU Mechanical Engineering Society

Category: Academe

The National Aviation Congress (NAVICON) is a gathering amongst aspirants, enthusiasts, and those who are interested to enter the field of aviation in the future. This event aims to promote and give more attention to our aviation industry and how it is an opportunity for the Philippines to be recognized as Asia's top aviation hub.

Participants may choose ONE of the following Breakout Sessions to join: 1. Drone Workshop

• A workshop given by professionals trained to deal with drones that is geared towards familiarizing its participants with the functionality and potential of drones

2. Avionics Workshop Seminar

• This workshop will provide the participants with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different kinds of electronic devices. Its importance can be seen in the ever-increasing trend towards a more technology-centered society

3. Space Seminar

• This workshop will orient its participants on what the Philippines has achieved in terms of its endeavors into the endless reaches of space. This will include the discussion of the PHL-microsat program as well as the possibility of establishing an official Philippine Space Agency

4. Industrial Seminar Series

• This workshop will give an opportunity to learn from professionals in the aviation industry regarding their work experience. The participants will be given the opportunity to interact with the speakers to understand how life is in the field of industrial aviation

5. Aviation in the Commercial Setting

• This workshop will allow the participants to familiarize themselves with aviation in its most popular form, and will include discussions on the development of the future aerospace, a talk regarding the qualifications of a pilot in the field, as well as a discussion on the different career opportunities available should the participant decide to further their career in the field 

Steps for Registration:

1. Review Program Flow

2. Select one Breakout Session

3. Register through your school representative (UP Diliman - Renz Malaluan 0977 449 5811) and pay the registration fee of 650 to this bank account:

Banco de Oro Account Number: 002050098193 

Account Name: Bianca Paulyn L. Yiu

Send deposit slip to school representative.

4. Wait for confirmation

Note: Only DLSU students will be accommodated for walk-ins. Walk-ins from other colleges will NOT be accommodated. 

Company Name: DLSU Mechanical Engineering Society

The Mechanical Engineering Society (MES) Is the primary professional student-based organization of the Mechanical Engineering Program in De La Salle University - Manila. Founded on the year 1977, MES is one of the oldest engineering organizations in DLSU. Mechanical Engineering chapter organizations such as PSME, ASME, and SHARAE are all under the Mechanical Engineering Society

Contact Information: Facebook: fb.me/mes.navicon Twitter: twitter.com/mes_navicon