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Date Posted: March 26, 2019
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Technical Analyst, Developer, Quality Analyst, System Integrator, Support Analyst


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The Mapping Technical Analyst develops and builds more complex EDI specifications and maps (inbound and outbound) based on the required document, structures, and specifications from clients.

The Mapping Developer develops and builds EDI specifications and maps (inbound and outbound) for client documents and structures.

The Mapping Quality Analyst obtains requirements and/or internal design specifications, customer IDs, trading partner’s profiles, conversion tables, input and output files, release instructions, development codes and other available/necessary information to understand and run the project or the map.

The System Integrator delivers day to day implementation requests of Trading Partner and map configurations into the GXS Managed Services systems.

The Technology Support Analyst triages technical inquiries and day-to-day incident, problem and request management while maintaining support tickets with status updates.

Mapping Technical Analyst

• Educational Requirement: Computer Science degree or equivalent
• Must have at least 3 years industry experience as a programmer
• Must be able to quickly grasp technical knowledge
• Must be willing to work on any shifts
• Able to express self well in both written and verbal communications
• Desired but not Required: Background in EDI and/or GXS AI

Mapping Developer

• Education or training in exact or applied science fields such as engineering, computer science, math or physics
• Experience with XML, programming language or Unix/Linux is an advantage but not required
• Able to work on mid or night shift

Mapping Quality Analyst

• Educational Requirement: IT Professional or Computer Science degree or equivalent experience with programming
• 1 to 2 years exposure on Quality Assurance on Software Business Application development
• Sufficient knowledge to analyze Business Requirements for software projects, testing methodologies
• Proficient in using tools like HPQC, JIRA, and other testing tools & plans
• Sufficient knowledge of EDI, Supply Chain Fundamentals, and EDI standards (EDIFIECTS, ANSI X12, SAP IDOC, XML, Rosettanet, etc.)
• Sufficient knowledge to perform AI development and other programming language such as Unix, C/ C++
• Proficient on MS Excel, Word and other MS Office applications
• Must be willing to work on different shifts especially night shift

System Integrator

• Strong analytical skills in debugging complex application configurations and application process flows.
• Strong PERL programming skills. Minimum 2 year experience in a POSIX setting.
• Strong Linux/Unix scripting skills. Minimum 2 year experience.
• Experience with IP communication protocols like FTP, FTP/s, SSH (SCP, SFTP), HTTPS.
• Knowledge about encryption/decryption protocols is a plus.
• Confident in collaborating with English speaking foreign client personnel to gather requirements, report status of project activities and resolve issues
• Behavior Characteristics: Strong attention to detail and process, collaborative and adaptable
• Experience with implementation of Enterprise level application configurations via Change Management protocols

Technology Support Analyst

• 2+ years of experience working in a technical or customer support role
• University or college degree within a related discipline is an advantage
• Any combination of the following skills or knowledge is an asset:
– Unix, Windows or SQL – Web or application servers (e.g., Tomcat, MS IIS, Apache, Web Logic) – EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – Security, networking technologies or VOIP

• Able to work on mid or night shift

Company Name: OpenText

OpenText Corporation is a Canadian company that develops and sells
enterprise information management software.
OpenText, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is Canada's
largest software company as of 2014 and recognized as one of Canada's

top 100 employers 2016 by Mediacorp Canada Inc

Contact Information: +63 2 859 5301