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Date Posted: Feb. 24, 2019
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Exist Software Labs

Category: Internship

The program provides a one-to-one mentoring approach wherein a dedicated software engineer trainer is assigned to each trainee to facilitate training and provide guidance, support, and evaluation. ECC features action-packed training sessions, hands-on exercises, research works, and projects.

The program is open to all graduates of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, or other related courses. Career shifters are also welcome.

Company Name: Exist Software Labs

Exist is a global technology innovator providing enterprise solutions through consulting and innovative products and services.

Contact Information: https://www.exist.com/exist-code-camp/?fbclid=IwAR1nMLfr8kag7b-h-or6QOAgldoB28YWvTXtrRwdh9HSBB_Eiw6qU3CnG0g