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Important Information:
Date Posted: Sept. 24, 2016
Date/Duration: September 10-11, 2016
Location: International

Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools 2016 (IDEERS)

National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)

Category: Academe

Each team is required to design and construct a building model at the competition venue. The model should be able to resist the earthquakes generated by the shaking table at National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE). This is a two-day competition. On the first day, each team has 6.5 hours (including a lunch break) for constructing the building model. All the materials and tools are provided by the organizer. On the second day, all models will be tested on the shaking table at NCREE. The artificial earthquakes with various intensities will be generated by using the shaking table. The peak ground acceleration (PGA) will gradually increase to 800 gal (gal = cm/sec2 ).

Company Name: National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)

NCREE links researchers and practicing professionals to build interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise using a variety of computational and experimental facilities in earthquake-related fields. Thus, NCREE engages in basic and applied researches that resolve critical seismic engineering issues. Due to the needs on pre-earthquake preparedness, emergency response, and post-earthquake recovery, the center brings together national academic resources, implements integrated research projects and develops enabling technologies for earthquake hazard mitigation.

Contact Information: http://www.ncree.org/ideers/2016/