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Date Posted: Sept. 13, 2020
Location: Local

Job Openings


Category: Employment

Canva is hiring for the following positions:

Java Software Engineer
Solution Design and Software development. You will be working closely with leads, designers, and product managers to deliver features and functionality to our customers all over the world.
Creation of a ticketing tooling system. Experience in creating a ticketing tooling system is a plus as our engineering team will be working on integration of data information with Jira Service Desk along with creation of custom plug-ins and add ons.
Develop and iterate technical proposals. You will also be responsible for outlining how solutions will be structured and developed whilst working collaboratively with the product engineering team.
Deployment to production release. Having a hand on technical proposals and developing solutions you’ve designed from the ground up through to deployment and production release.
Identify and address performance bottlenecks. Provide solutions and in improving current performance and bottlenecks within the application and broader infrastructure.
High accountability for the reliability of your solution. We care about reliability greatly as your code is going to be used by millions of people. This means being responsible for the reliability of your solution, including monitoring and responding to incidents.
Performance debugging, benchmarking and building awesome things in general!
Participating in product meetings, hiring interviews and code reviews

Frontend Engineer
Work with product designers and founders to build a next-generation web application with a focus on an extraordinary client-side experience
Build efficient and reusable front end abstractions and systems
Identify and address performance bottlenecks
Participate in design and code reviews
Communicate with other team members to figure out the best solutions to difficult problems
Help to identify and communicate standard practices and methodologies for front end engineering
Interact with our back end systems

Fullstack Engineer
Work with product designers and founders to build a next-generation web application with a focus on an exceptional user experience
Build efficient and reusable front end abstractions and systems
Participate in creating of design documents, build and develop the solutions you've created, and participate in code reviews
Communicate with other team members to determine the best solutions to difficult problems
Identify and communicate best practices for front and backend engineering
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IT Support Lead (MacOS and Apple Devices)
Provide input on strategic decisions for the growth and future of the team including resourcing, tools and processes.
Carry out regular team reporting, analyse data and share current trends and insights within the team.
Be at the forefront of all the IT infrastructure needs in Manila and own new working space fitouts and planning.
Lead all Internal Infrastructure team’s rollouts of new technology or hardware when the opportunity arises.
Leverage the current infrastructure workflows and review and make revisions if needed to make the processes in Manila more efficient and effective.
Support and troubleshooting Canva hardware and devices – laptops, networking, video conferencing
Provide desktop support to end-users – troubleshooting laptops, peripherals, and applications
Support configuration activities, planned outages, and security initiatives
Create, maintain, and execute working tools IMAC processes (install, move, add, and change).
Design, implement, package, and distribute end-user software/hardware Evaluate, test, patch, and upgrade OS, desktop apps, malware definition, hardware, etc.
Analyse, log, track and resolve complex software/hardware matters of significance pertaining to networking connectivity issues, printer, servers, and applications to meet business needs.
Coordinate testing, upgrades and configuration of system files and services. Ensure changes are in accordance with appropriate operating procedures; recommend revisions or changes based upon results. Prepare for and prescribe approaches to possible downstream implications.
Administration of cloud-based tools and internal applications

Provisioning and management of Canva assets

Java Software Engineer
Commercial experience developing complex web applications
Most of our code is in Java, but we’re pragmatic – we’ll use whatever makes the most sense to complete a task (previous experience with other languages is great!)
Firmly grounded computer science and engineering fundamentals including concurrency, multithreading, data structures, solution design, architecture, and design patterns. You’d be surprised how often these things come up here at Canva!
You’re happy to roll the sleeves up and dive into java.util.concurrent from time to time 🙂
Working collaboratively with team members and communicating effectively
Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

Frontend Engineer
Knowledge of JavaScript and web technologies (HTML/CSS)
Experience developing rich applications with HTML/CSS/JS
Intimate knowledge of cross-browser and cross-device development
Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI components, including appropriate testing
Passion for performance debugging and benchmarking
Minimum two years experience
Computer science fundamentals

Fullstack Engineer
Experience as a Fullstack Engineer with a particular focus on deep-dive JavaScript (ES6, Promises, Workers, etc)
Experience building applications in JavaScript with limited delegation and reliance on frameworks and libraries...
... however, strong knowledge, understanding, an exposure to various JavaScript technologies such as React, TypeScript, Flow will definitely be beneficial!
A strong understanding of computer science fundamentals, with a strong understanding of concurrency, performance, data structures and design patterns
Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills
An analytical, yet creative, approach to problem solving
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
BONUS: Broader generalist knowledge of cloud, networking, and operating systems; Cloud Infrastructure - AWS, Google, or Azure
BONUS: Backend / Fullstack experience with Java is ideal, but not necessary - many of our engineers come from C#, Ruby, and PHP backgrounds
BONUS: A strong appreciation and understanding of UI and UX fundamentals
BONUS: Experience building consumer-focused web applications

IT Support Lead (MacOS and Apple Devices)
At least 3 years of experience supporting and troubleshooting Apple Products, Devices, and Services; MacOS.
Experience with software administration specifically in Google Suite, Atlassian Products, and Okta.
Experience in asset management with ability to coordinate across different teams focusing on finances and equipment expenditure.
Experience in creation and standardisation of policies, procedures and workflows.
Capable to handle network administration needs in Manila whether it’s due to maintenance or project work.
Experience in mobile device and asset management ensuring security and standardisation across Canva.
Knowledge in Windows and Virtualisation (VMs) is a plus.
Experience managing video conferencing applications and hardware
Strong verbal and written communication with great documentation and organisational skills
Strong methodology for resolving problems and finding solutions when needed.
A strong customer-focused attitude and demeanour; at-home in an environment where things move very quickly

Strong project planning and management, capable of handling set requirements and converting them into an actionable plan.

Company Name: Canva

At Canva, we create tools that empower the world to design. Our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform! Inspired by a team of talented thinkers, an amazing culture and remarkable growth trajectory – we’re out to change the world, one design at a time.

Contact Information: https://jobs.lever.co/canva?location=Manila&department=Engineering