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Date Posted: Aug. 22, 2020
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GIS Specialist


Category: Employment

You'll play a critical role in a rapidly growing, high-tech startup, solving real problems every day - and having fun while you're at it. As a GIS Specialist, you’ll make sure we empower everyone of our customers to accurately manage and measure their site with Propeller. You’ll help our customers get fast, accurate data that they can trust, and support users by answering their questions and helping them find solutions to their problems.

Propeller is looking for a graduate of BS Geodetic Engineering/degree in GIS or Surveying. They must have experience with remote sensing, photogrammetry, point clouds, ground control points, and surveying. They must also have exceptional research, analysis, and problem-solving skills. They must also have a helpful, can-do attitude. The graduate must have strong written and verbal English language skills. Lastly, they must have excellent collaborative skills and ability to be part of a close-knit but globally spread-out team.

Company Name: Propeller

Propeller is a drone mapping and worksite management company that makes life easier for the people doing the dirty, dangerous, invaluable work that drives our society—construction, mining, aggregates, and waste management. We give organizations the power to map their worksites and track their progress in faster, easier, more efficient ways.

Contact Information: https://propelleraero.breezy.hr/p/000985e13c07-gis-specialist-philippines?source=www.propelleraero.com/jobs&popup=true