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Date Posted: May 24, 2020
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Full-Time Job Hiring and Convene Career Advancement Program

Azeus Systems Philippines Ltd.

Category: Employment

Systems Engineer

  • The Systems Engineer will undergo intensive on-the-job training and mentoring in
    Hong Kong to prepare him for the following responsibilities

  • Design and implement techniques

  • Recommend the most cost-effective and efficient hardware and software that can
    satisfy project requirements

  • Identify and analyze system integration problems, and formulate and implement
    corrective and preventive plans

  • Lead and coordinate with system administrators and all project team members in:
    setting up and maintaining project hardware and software managing system configuration

  • Will need to be on-call for support cases

Software Developer

  • After a rigorous training program of up to two months, you’ll immediately get to
    work on one of our projects. We’re working on mission-critical government systems
    or commercial products that are leveling up the way the world does business.

  • Programming

  • Systems analysis and design

  • Product design

  • Technical risk assessment and estimation

  • Providing solutions and preparing proof-of-concept for technical proposals
    and demonstrations

  • Product maintenance and support

Software Test Engineer

  • Review and analyze product design and specifications

  • Prepare test strategy, test specifications and test plans

  • Conduct different levels of application program and product testing

  • Product maintenance and support

  • Collaborate across sub-teams

  • Prepare product and system documentation

  • Streamline test procedures

  • Quality assurance review of project and organization processes,
     procedures and work products
Convene Career Advancement Program

  • This program fast tracks the participants to become business development
    executives. Our business development executives work under business
    managers from all around the world - enabling them to have sales and
    marketing experience in the global scene.

  • Work with the Sales and the Marketing teams to develop and implement
    marketing strategies, product campaigns, and market-specific initiatives

  • Work with managers to plan and direct the work of the Sales and Marketing teams

  • Conduct marketing-related research including, but not limited to,
    current market conditions, marketing events, and competitor information

  • Analyze market research results

  • Help to manage and coordinate all marketing and promotional activities,
    ensuring that they are carried out efficiently and within agreed budgets

  • Conduct briefing and debriefing for marketing activities

  • Maintain and develop relationships with existing customers

  • Identify potential customers for new business, ensuring that major sales
    opportunities are captured 

  • Prepare marketing and sales proposals

  • Represent the company in trade exhibitions, events, client training, and
    product demonstrations locally and internationally

  • Respond to customer inquiries, and serve as an important source of customer
    and product information

  • Identify sales and marketing concerns, and recommend proactive or remedial
    action to manage business situations

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You may send your CVs to careers-ph@azure.com


Company Name: Azeus Systems Philippines Ltd.

Azeus is a leading IT services provider with more than 25 years of experience in successfully delivering IT solutions. We have clients in Europe, Asia Pacific, America, Africa, and Middle East. Throughout the years, our sound model of integrated operations has enabled us to build an extensive track record of developing large and complex IT systems for the public and private sectors. Azeus has delivered 250 IT projects to over 60 public authorities in Asia and Europe. The software products we developed have also achieved an international customer base spanning over 30 countries in both the public and commercial sectors. As a result, we have gained extensive expertise and experience in software applications and products development, integration, and support and maintenance, as well as an unmatched specialization in the public sector.

Contact Information: careers-ph@azure.com