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Date Posted: Feb. 10, 2020
Location: Local

Teradata GDC Graduate Program

Teradata GDC

Category: Employment

Teradata GDC is looking for engineering graduates to be part of their Teradata GDC Graduate Program. Learn from some of the most talented and innovative consultants in the Data and Analytics space and get the chance to ultimately align to open roles in the practice areas of Data Engineering and Managed Services in this 4-month training program.

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics or any Engineering degree (2019-June 2020 graduate with less than one year work experience) 

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills 

- Ability to be innovative and creative 

- Ability to learn new technologies 

- Strong written and oral communication skills 

- Willing to undergo training for 4 months

Company Name: Teradata GDC

Teradata delivers real-time, intelligent answers, leveraging 100% of the relevant data, regardless of scale or volume of query. And we do it on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. It’s called Pervasive Data Intelligence. And only Teradata has the industry-leading products, expertise, and services to deliver it today.

Contact Information: http://gr.8job.co/bFjr0LIy