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Date Posted: Aug. 8, 2019
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Seven Seven Global Services, Inc.

Category: Employment

Seven Seven Global Services' Career Development Program (CDP) is an employment opportunity for computer, math, or engineering fresh graduates that comes with intensive training and generous pay.

The CDP will expose its members to actual projects and the experience of handling clients, with the guidance of an elite team from the company. The members will benefit from the program's curriculum, tracking their progress as they hone their skills to become IT professionals.

Training: Java Development / Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Employment: Under Full-Time Employment

If interested, send your resume to apply@77soft.com

For referrals, send the resume to irefer@77soft.com

Fresh graduates / Career Shifters (2 years working experience)


Company Name: Seven Seven Global Services, Inc.

Seven Seven Global Services provides information technology services to finance, insurance, telecommunications, and more industry leaders in the US and the Asia Pacific. The company provides services, such as application development, quality assurance and testing, infrastructure support, and cloud computing.

Contact Information: msahagun@77global.biz