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Important Information:
Date Posted: Feb. 13, 2019
Location: Local

Software Developer Associate

Bili Grocery

Category: Employment

Any expertise of the domains. Please state the technology expertise/experience in application.


  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Backend Development

We currently use:

1) Back-end development


- AWS EC2 / Elastic Beanstalk

Serverless service:

- AWS Lambda (coded in Python)



Cloud storage:

- AWS S3


- AWS Cognito (Federated sign-in via Facebook/Google)

2) Mobile/Web front-end development: Everything above UI/client side, shared by applications (regardless if mobile/web) 

UI / client-side:

- Android SDK (Java/Kotlin)

- iOS SDK (Swift)

- React-JS (JavaScript)

- Code igniter (Angular JS, PHP)

Knowledgeable in any of the three domains. Preferably BS Computer Science graduate.

Company Name: Bili Grocery

Bili Grocery is a shopping and delivery mobile application which is downloadable thru App Store and Google Play store. Customers with a few clicks can now enjoy grocery shopping at the comfort of their own home and wait for the groceries to come to them. It is that easy! Available in selected areas in Metro Manila.

Contact Information: hr@bili.com.ph