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Date Posted: Nov. 4, 2017
Location: Local

Software Engineer


Category: Employment

Be involved in the design and development of healthcare IT platforms and software. Research and apply state-of-the-art algorithms, tools, and technologies to solve challenging problems in healthcare. Knowledge in blockchain, machine learning, and software and network security will be a big plus.

-Preferably has a BS Computer Science, BS Computer Engineering, or BS Electronic and Communications Engineering degree
- Capable of working with technologies/languages such as PHP, Python, Javascript, MySQL, NoSQL, HTML and CSS
- Implemented at least one system using the technologies or languages mentioned above
- Mobile app development is a plus
- Strong analytical and planning skills
- Excellent problem-solving skills

- Can quickly learn development frameworks

Company Name: HealthBlocks

HealthBlocks is a young global health technology company with the vision of enabling universal healthcare. We create innovations that make healthcare accessible, continuous, and equitable. We have been recognized as one of ASEAN's Next Great Idea by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center and Uber last November and has won first runner up in the UAE Blockchain Virtual GovHack last February.

Contact Information: Send your CV to careers@healthblocks.ph.