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Important Information:
Date Posted: May 31, 2017
Location: International
Expiration of Application: June 20, 2017

Electrical Engineer

Rokko & Associates, Inc., Japan

Category: Employment

  • Construction Management (Electrical Construction)
  • Training will be provided
  • Place of work will be at branch offices in Japan
  • Expected graduates without experience will get a salary of 205,000 yen (approximately $US1,700) per month
  • Experienced engineers salary is to be negotiated
  • Salary raise once per year; bonuses twice per year (July and December) Note: Profit share amount (paid in December) based on company performance, work hours is from 8:30 to 17:30. Note: Work hours and overtime hours may vary depending on projects assigned.
  • Holidays include Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, summer holidays (three days), year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 3), annual paid leave, special leave. 
  • Various allowances, dormitory or other accommodation provided by the company, transportation allowance, social insurance, retirement package (for employees working at the company for at least three consecutive years) will be given
  • For more information please visit http://www.6-kou.com/Careers/job-listings.html (Position: Electrical ENgineer Japan)

  • No experience necessary 
  • Expected graduates and experienced engineers are welcome to apply
  • Proficient in English. Conversational-level Japanese is preferred. If the candidate is not able to speak Japanese, the company can provide Japanese language study for several months in the candidate's country or in Japan. 
  • Q&A, Personality Test and interview will be done in the company introduction event to be held on June 20, 2017 between 9 AM to 6 PM at EEE Bldg. (tentatively)

Company Name: Rokko & Associates, Inc., Japan

Since its establishment in 1949, Rokko & Associates has overcome numerous difficulties and periods of economic downturn. This, I believe, can be attributed to the Company's ability to adjust as the environment changes. Although Rokko was previously known for its strength in the area of works projects for government agencies, it now boasts a strong suit in residential projects and the private sector. Further, Rokko is in top place when it comes to works projects for the U.S. Forces in Japan, which Rokko has fully entered in 2003. This has enabled us to develop our work for the U.S. military into the second pillar of the Company's business.

"Ever-changing DNA" is a metaphor for our ongoing adjustment, reflecting evolving customer needs and markets. While it is very difficult to predict major shifts, our flexibility and adaptability, that allow us quickly to respond to change, lie at the heart of our management philosophy. 

One thing we aim for is to remain an organization of true professionals. By that I mean that our people tend to specialize in a specific type of project, so that they can better understand the needs of their customers. For example, in a factory electrical project, the end customer, that is the factory manager, requires a sophisticated level of precision as well as speed. For a large condominium project, the ultimate customer is a real estate developer who needs the work to be carried out smoothly and to a consistently high standard. In the case of facilities for U.S. Forces in Japan, there are some very specific requirements that are quite different from those of other customers. We need to maintain a full inventory management system encompassing warehousing and other facilities. We need to have technicians who have obtained certification to U.S. standards. In all of these cases, our degree of specialization is high and our customers can assess our capabilities based on our performance. This is how we build trust with our customers.

Contact Information: Please send your confirmation to attend to gl.recruit@g.6kou.co.jp or you may contact our local agent in Manila, Chartreuse Prime Recruitment, attn. Ms. Trina Garcia at +63 9399 329 183 (Mob) or (632) 643 4894