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Important Information:
Date Posted: May 31, 2017
Location: Local
Expiration of Application: Deadline for submission will be on June 2, 2017



Category: Internship

Industrial Engineering students will go through a structured apprenticeship program to enhance their work related skills, knowledge and attitudes relevant to the workplace and create awareness & appreciation of banking operations which may consequently inspire them to pursue a career in banking. Interns will be exposed to productivity management, process management, manual development, IE tools/ techniques and output/ project presentation. Accepted students are entitled to privileges succh as allowance and priority in emloyment.

  • Open for all Industrial Engineering students with above average class standing (GPA of 85 and above) 
  • Apprenticeship period must be between 200 to 300 hours 
  • Letter of Endorsement 
  • Copy of Grades 
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Notarized Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement 
  • Waivers

Company Name: UCPB

The United Coconut Planters Bank, more popularly known by its initials, UCPB, or by its old name, Cocobank, is one of the largest banks in the Philippines, ranking within the top twenty banks in the Philippines in terms of assets.

Contact Information: For those interested, you may send your resume to Spencer Ong (spencer.ong@upcapes.org)